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      Why should we choose ‘My Art Project’ over any other company?

      Our projects are simple and easy to run, with a great choice of quality personalised products at competitive prices. Parents love our products, and every single sale will raise money for your school. Our friendly, experienced and dedicated team have been doing this for over 15 years, and many schools have been coming back to us every year since we started … it’s as simple as that!

      If we want to run a Christmas Card project, when do we need to book?

      Now! Christmas is our most popular period and many schools book their next project in the new year. We would recommend you book your Christmas project before July to avoid disappointment. 

      How much does it cost to run a ‘My Art Project’?

      Nothing! There are no costs associated with running one of our art projects, apart from your paints, pens and pencils! We will post the artwork templates to you (emailed .pdf if you choose the online format), with hints and tips for great results, plus downloadable resources.

      Is there a minimum pupil participation or order quantity?

      No! Whether you’re a small youth group, home school or large school, we work with all sizes! No minimum order quantity either.

      How much can we expect to raise?

      Please view the project types which show all the information you need. The more orders you get, the more money you will raise. Last year our top performing schools raised over £500! Carefully planned artwork and marketing your project to parents are both key to a successful fundraiser. You’ll raise funds on every single item sold – there are no ‘minimum order’ rules to qualify for commission!

      How long does a project take to run?

      Typically a project can take approximately 4-6 weeks from start to finish, depending on how quickly the artwork can be completed, and how long parents are given to place orders.

      When can we schedule one of your projects?

      Anytime! You can run a project during any school term, providing a slot is available.

      The Spring & Summer collection is as it says, for those terms. Always book early as the school holidays do need to be worked around in any time planning, we can help you with that.

      If you would like to run a Christmas project we recommend you book by July as we do fill up early in the year.

      What is shown on the back of the cards?

      • School logo (optional, can be left blank)
      • Card design by PUPIL NAME (required)
      • Class Name or Year Group (optional)
      • School Name (required)

      How does the completed artwork get to My Art Project?

      A FREE Royal Mail return label is provided for return of the completed artwork back to My Art Project.

      Do you print on the inside of the cards?

      No, the inside of all cards are left blank for the parents to add their own message.

      Do you print high volumes of cards? A local business would like bespoke cards that feature our Artwork?

      Yes! There are no limits on volume, and our studio team can offer a bespoke design service. Permissions do need to be sought if using pupil artwork. Call us for a competitive quote.

      Other than greeting cards, what else can parents order?

      We have two collections, each with their unique combination of quality products. View those pages to see the full range The most popular items other than cards are:
      • Mugs
      • Tea Towels
      • Gift stickers
      • Sketch pads
      • Notebooks
      • Sweet Boxes

      How are parent orders and payments handled?

      There are two options available

      ONLINE project: parents order and pay online with minimal effort for schools/PTA. Orders can be delivered direct to homes, p&p applies, or parents can opt for free school delivery in a single batch, for easy distribution at school.

      TRADITIONAL project: parents fill in order forms which are returned to school with payment. The school or PTA bank the money (many PTA's let parents pay by bank transfer) then send the order forms to us for processing. These fulfilled orders are delivered to school for distribution in a single batch.

      Can we use artwork that has already been completed?

      Yes ... it must however be square 21cm x 21cm, and be glued to our art template.

      Does the original artwork get returned?

      We will return the children’s original artwork if requested by the school / PTA. Otherwise, we will retain the artwork in our storage for 6 months incase of query, then it will be shredded and recycled.

      Copyright notes

      Please note that due to copyright My Art Project cannot reproduce pictures from books, magazines, leaflets or the internet without permission from the owner of the image(s)/photograph(s). This also applies to images/photographs with a watermark or any low resolution images/photographs downloaded from an online photo gallery. If in doubt, please contact My Art Project before sending in the artwork.

      Can we claim the VAT back?

      This depends entirely on your school or local education authority, please take advice from them directly.

      OK, we want to do it. How do we book an Art Project for our school?

      Simply email info@myartproject.co.uk or call us on 01386 898464