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      Leavers Gifts - Tea Towels

      Celebrate the outgoing year group with fabulous colourful keepsakes for the memories.

      Options available

      1. Choose from our 2024 designs: an easier option for school as we have already created eight stunning designs for you to choose from, and all have space to incorporate your list of class or year group leavers names. Full colour available, let us know what colours you’d like incorporated.

      2. Self-portrait art with signatures: you will invite every leaver to draw their own colourful selfie with signature. Our studio team will then combine all the selfies together, adding the school name and optional logo to create a unique design to celebrate your 2024 Leavers. These are also full colour print, and selfies can be multicolour designs.

      3. Special: if your needs require a little more attention we are happy to talk with you about a bespoke tea towel design, and prepare a quote.

      How does it work.

      • Get in touch to save your slot in our production
      • We will guide you through your choice and gather all the info we need.
      • You get to check the proof is correct before we go to print.
      • Invoice will be with delivery, usually within 2-3 weeks.
      • No delivery charge to UK mainland

      The perfect keepsake

      White tea towel (35cm x 52cm approx.) printed white one side.

      It’s your choice how you want to finance your Leaver’s Tea towels. Some schools or PTA’s will gift them to pupils, and the cost to school will be £7.50.

      Some schools will ask parents to buy, and they will collect in the money. To make it a fundraiser you could add on £1 and fundraise for every towel purchased .e.g. £8.50 to parents, earning school £1 for every tea towel purchased.

      Let us know how you prefer to finance your project.

      Here are our 2024 Designs

      You can choose from designs T1 to T8 for Option 1 above, or we can provide square art board for your leavers to draw selfies if you choose Option 2 above.

      We look forward to hearing from you.