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      Father's Day Collection

      It’s time for schools and nurseries to get artistic and begin drawing inspirational artwork to celebrate Father’s Day, 16th June 2024

      Our creative studio team have designed a dedicated range of products specifically for Father’s Day, items which will look stunning when they have been personalised with artwork drawn by each child who takes part.

      All super hero dads and father figures are sure to be very proud when presented with a gift fully personalised for them.

      Not only is this a wonderful way for children to create a one off for their dad, the school will also benefit as it’s a fundraiser too!

      We are already accepting bookings for Father’s Day 2024, simply get in touch to reserve your slot.

      Typical timeline:
      Book your project and we will deliver your artwork templates within 2-3 days.
      Plan Father’s Day artwork sessions in April or early May.
      Get completed artwork to us by 10th May.
      We will send personalised order sheets and personal artwork codes for parents to visit our online shop.
      Last date for online orders 2nd June.
      Delivery in time for Father’s Day.

      How does it work

      We will supply the templates for you, so the artwork can be completed in school. This project allows for online ordering and payments, keeping everything on course for delivery before the big day.

      Online Format