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      Sandytots Tea Towel

      Place your Sandy Tots Tea Towel order here.


      1. Before proceeding, you will need the personalised order sheet which school handed out. This shows your child’s name, class, their own artwork and their Personal Artwork Code (PAC) for this fundraising project. If you don’t have this sheet, please contact the school office or PTA.


      You must check all the information on the personalised order sheet, including name and class spelling before ordering. You can tell us about any corrections in the SHOPPING CART ORDER NOTES SECTION, or speak to us directly before placing your order. Any uncorrected errors after this point, will be subject to reprint & postage charges.

      3. The Personal Artwork Code must be entered where indicated on the individual product page as each product is ordered.

      4. Multiple child orders can be placed in a single transaction online but you must input the Personal Artwork Code for each child for each product ordered. Please DO NOT mix these up, write over or change the codes as this will result in the wrong artwork, the wrong name or both. Any inputting errors after this point, may be subject to reprint and postage charges.

      5. Please note that all artwork shown on these shopping pages is for illustration only. The child's own artwork (as shown on the personalised order sheet) will be printed on any products that are ordered. That is why the Personal Artwork Code needs to be entered correctly.

      6. If you are experiencing any difficulties, we recommend you contacting us before progressing with your order, and our team will be happy to help you.