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      Pic 'n' Mix Project ... It's Your Choice!

      What is it?

      Unique to My Art Project, the Pic‘n’Mix fundraiser is a flexible approach to traditional art based fundraising. Building on our years of Christmas experience, we’re giving you the tools to create your own bespoke art project in the Spring and Summer months.

      How is it different?

      The exciting bit... you get to select your own combination of products or you may decide to choose just one like Tea Towels or Calendars, and set your own selling price! We realise that you know your parents better than us, so you get to choose which products you offer them, when you offer them, and how much profit you feel you can add to each product. This flexibility should help you maximize your fundraising potential.

      How does it work?

      1. Select the products you want to include in your project.

      2. Set your selling prices to parents.

      3. Agree a time frame with us.

      4. We supply bespoke art templates, order forms etc.

      5. Teachers and helpers work with children to create their personal artwork.

      6. Each child takes home their own original artwork along with an order form.

      7. Parents return completed order forms and artwork to school, along with payment.

      8. School or PTA bank the money safely.

      9. Download your free return label to send back the order forms and artwork.

      10. We fulfil orders and deliver personalised products within two weeks. Invoice follows.

      How long to complete this project?

      How long you need to complete the project depends on your school size and how the artwork sessions are timetabled, but it is feasible to complete in four weeks:

      • Set aside an ‘art week’ for artwork completion x1 week
      • Send order forms home for parents to fill in and return x1 week
      • Our production time is approx. up to x2 weeks

      How to Pic ‘n’ Mix

      Start with a theme. Eg. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or a Summer Fête. This will make it easier to choose the products.

      Pic ‘n’ Mix between 1 - 8 products from either the ‘A’ list, the ‘B’ list or a combination of both. The ‘A’ list is a great mix for most occasions, whereas the ‘B’ list is generally offered at Xmas; that’s not to say a few of those products won’t work for you.


      Please note the prices below are the cost to school