Why should we choose “My Book Project” over any other company?

We produce products of excellent quality at very competitive prices which parents will want to buy….it's as simple as that.

If we want to run a book project, when do we need to book?

The best time to do a My Book Project is in the Spring and Summer months - Phone us now! 01386 898464

How much does it cost to run a project?

Please see our products and prices, these are the costs you will pay us for each book. You are then free to set your selling price to parents with the profits going direct to you - No hidden costs.

How long does a project take approximately?

Steps 3 and 4 take approximately 2 weeks from start to finish depending on how soon the final proof is signed off.

When can we schedule one of your projects?

You can run a project during any school term if a slot is available. Just remember to allow enough time to collate the information.

What can we have on the cover

You decide - We would recommend you include the School name, emblem, address and perhaps a nice colourful picture that one of the children has drawn or we have two standard covers you can choose from.

How many words should there be?

We would recommend no more than 500 words for the short stories.

How do we get the completed artwork to you?

The copy for the inside pages must be typed up and emailed to us in either a Word, Text or PDF document, original artwork should be posted to us via recorded or special delivery.

How is payment made?

Once the finished books have been delivered we will issue a final invoice that can be paid via cheque or BACS.

Does the original artwork get returned?

Yes, with the completed orders.

Copyright, is this a problem?

Please note that due to copyright My Book Project cannot reproduce pictures from books, magazines, leaflets or the internet without permission from the owner of the image(s)/photograph(s). This also applies to images/photographs with a watermark or any low res images/photographs downloaded from an online photo gallery. If in doubt, please contact My Book Project before sending in the artwork.

Can we claim the VAT back?

There is no vat on the prices of our books as books are zero rated items.

OK, we want to do it. How do we book an My Book Project for our school?

Simply complete the booking form online, or if you have any further questions you can email info@myartproject.co.uk or call us on 01386 898464