Meet the Team

A Brief introduction ...


Job Title: Head Master
Loves: Movies & Sports
Loathes: Giving detentions
Interested in: Technology
Hobbies: Video Games
Nickname: Bairdy (football related)
Favourite Team: Aston Villa
Phobias: Inspections ;0)
Interesting fact: Used to have permed hair and an earring! And worked (briefly) with David Cameron!

Team Member Pip


Job Title: Head Boy
Loves: His family & food!….Used to love: Lie-ins, live gigs and Uni days!
Loathes: The sound of people whispering or eating
Interested in: Anything foodie
Hobbies: Eating!
Nickname: Pippy Long Legs
Favourite colour: Grey
Phobias: Robins (once had a summer job icing robins on 1000’s of individual Christmas chocolates!)
Interesting fact: Used to have dreadlocks & was a Campanologist when he was younger!

Team Member Sam


Job Title: Head Honcho
Loves: Food & The Great Outdoors
Loathes: Slackers
Interested in: Anything techy!
Hobbies: Going up mountains (sometimes coming back down!)
Nickname: The Grinch
Favourite Team: Liverpool FC
Phobias: Manchester United FC
Interesting fact: Been to Buckingham Palace to receive an award!!

Team Member Jane


Job Title: Head Girl
Loves: Anything Landrover or classic Mini
Loathes: Spilt sugar in the kitchen!
Interested in: Lancaster Bomber NX611, also known as ‘Just Jane’, at the museum in East Kirkby
Hobbies: Getting oily & muddy tinkering with Minis and Landrovers, or watching hubby tinker with old planes!
Nickname: Janey
Favourite colour: Purple
Phobias: Heights and housework!
Interesting fact: Jane’s 110 Defender appeared in Landrover Monthly towing a bogged in Lancaster Bomber! Also, back in the day, was Ladies Autograss National Champion for racing her old Mini!!

Team Member Marie


Job Title: Math’s Megastar
Loves: Shopping
Loathes: Anything healthy
Interested in: Shopping
Hobbies: Shopping!
Nickname: Maserati
Favourite colour: Pink
Phobias: Calculators
Interesting fact: Developed a severe nut allergy late in life - Head Girl tried to poison her last year with a healthy snack bar! Had to take a ride home in an ambulance!

Team Member Krissie


Job Title: Perfect Prefect
Loves: Working with children & being a part of the PTA (sometimes!)
Loathes: Poor grammar
Interested in: World cultures, music & baking!
Hobbies: Taekwondo helper, Yoga, festivals, fun runs
Nickname: Christabel
Phobias: Public speaking
Interesting fact: Once worked on a prawn trawler!

Team Member Paul


Job Title: House Captain
Loves: Looking after everyone
Loathes: Anything fishy
Interested in: Travel
Hobbies: Running & cycling
Nickname: Shrimp
Favourite Team: Coventry
Interesting fact: Running his 4th Marathon this year and once met Darth Vader.

Team Member Mike


Job Title: School Photographer
Loves: Being out
Loathes: Being in
Interested in: Wandering far and wide
Hobbies: Painting, walking, photography and motorcycling
Nickname: Grandad
Favourite Colour: Blue
Phobias: Sitting still & white water rafting…don’t ask!
Interesting fact: Was once a model for Kenco coffee!

Team Member Sian


Job Title: Creativity Queen
Loves: Baking cupcakes
Loathes: Anything Cheesey!
Interested in: Latte Art
Hobbies: World Travel
Nickname: Baby
Favourite Colour: Orange
Interesting fact: Once got bitten on the forehead by a snake!!