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      Christmas - The 'Online' Card Project

      1. Get in touch, sign up and confirm project dates.

      2. PDF artwork templates will be emailed out to your designated co-ordinator before project start date, with instructions for printing. They are single sided B&W.

      3. PTA/School or Parents print out the PDF template for each child taking part. Take note of hints & tips. Children complete artwork in the square space indicated. PTA/School collect completed artwork and arrange FREE return to My Art Project.

      4. My Art Project carefully scan every piece of artwork. Personalised order sheets showing a reproduction of the art, the child's name, class and unique reference are printed and posted to school for distribution to parents. Parents order and pay online.

      5. Fulfilled orders are delivered direct to homes via Royal Mail or Courier. NO delivery to school.

      The ‘Online’ in brief…

      • Easy to run.
      • Minimal administration required.
      • Artwork can be done at home or school.
      • Small reduction in funds raised versus the standard option.
      Home delivery only (p&p charges apply to orders under £25 - parents pay this).
      • My Art Project send remittance to school/PTA for the funds raised.
      • Allow 4-6 weeks.

       Product School Price Parent Price Funds Raised
      Small cards x 1 pack £4.70 £5.50 £0.80p
      Small cards x 2 packs £8.70 £9.95 £1.25
      Small cards x 3 packs £12.45 £13.95 £1.50
      Large cards £7.70 £8.50
      Thank you cards £5.20 £6.00
      Gift stickers £3.50 £4.00 £0.50p
      Wrapping/Gift tags x 12 £10.75 £12.00 £1.25
      Sketch pad A4 £6.20 £7.00 £0.80p
      Notebook £6.70 £7.50
      Mug £5.70 £6.50