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      Christmas - The 'Online' Card Project

      1. Get in touch, sign up and confirm project dates.

      2. An artwork template will be emailed out to your co-ordinator before the project start date, with instructions for printing. You will need good quality white A4 paper, and the print is black and white on one side only. Print one per child plus any spares.

      3. It’s important to read our hints & tips for great artwork before children do their artwork in the square space indicated. PTA/School collect completed artwork and arrange free return to My Art Project.

      4. On receipt, My Art Project carefully scan every piece of artwork and produce personalised order sheets showing an image of the art, the child's name, class, school and unique reference code for ordering online. We post these sheets to school for distribution to parents.

      5. Parents use the unique reference(s) to order items online and also pay online direct to our shop. Multiple children and multiple products can all go on a single order.

      6. There are two delivery options from the online shop:

      a) Parents can choose home delivery where shipping fees will be charged. The amount varies on order value and standard shipping ranges from £2.50 to £3.99 (free delivery on spends over £30). We will use Royal Mail or selected couriers depending on order value, package size and location. Parents can place orders for home delivery anytime, even into the next year! We just cannot guarantee delivery for Christmas if the order is placed too late in December.

      b) We also offer free delivery to school in a single batch. We will set a deadline date for placing orders, and once that day has passed we will produce and deliver those orders in a single batch to school, for easy distribution by the school or PTA. Parents will need to enter a code during ‘checkout’ to apply the ‘free school delivery’, and must place their order by the last order date.

      The ‘Online’ in brief…

      • Easy to run.
      • Minimal administration required.
      • Artwork is recommended to be done in school.
      • Small reduction in funds raised versus the standard option.
      Home delivery with p&p fees or free delivery to school in a single batch.
      • My Art Project will pay the fundraising amount direct to the school or PTA
      • Allow 4-6 weeks.

       Product School Price Parent Price Funds Raised
      Small cards x 1 pack £4.70 £5.50 £0.80p
      Small cards x 2 packs £8.70 £9.95 £1.25
      Small cards x 3 packs £12.45 £13.95 £1.50
      Large cards £7.70 £8.50
      Thank you cards £5.20 £6.00
      Gift stickers £3.50 £4.00 £0.50p
      Wrapping/Gift tags x 12 £10.75 £12.00 £1.25
      Sketch pad A4 £6.20 £7.00 £0.80p
      Notebook £6.70 £7.50
      Mug £5.70 £6.50
      Sweet Box Fizzy Mix £4.70 £5.50
      Sweet Box Mint Assortment £4.70 £5.50