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      Christmas - The ‘Standard’ Card Project …

      Fundraising for when time is short.

      1. Blank templates with combined order forms are delivered to school along with your project pack. Teachers and helpers work with children during lesson time to create their personal artwork. The child’s details are completed on the back of their own template.

      2. Each child takes home their own original artwork and order form, for parents to enjoy and choose products they wish to purchase. Parents return order forms and artwork to school, along with payment. School or PTA banks the money. Online payment is not available with a ‘Standard’ card project.

      3. Arrange your free return of completed order forms and associated artwork.

      4. Fulfilled orders are delivered back to school for distribution to parents in a single batch.

      The ‘Standard’ in brief…

      • Easy to run.
      • Artwork can be done at home or school.
      • Parents order from original artwork.
      • No sample cards.
      • Return orders with associated artwork.
      • We take care of all the order inputting for you.
      One delivery to school.
      • Better funds raised.
      • Your fundraising money is already in your bank.
      • My Art Project invoice the school for our part.
      • Allow 4-6 weeks.

       Product School Price Parent Price Funds Raised
      Small cards x 1 pack £4.50 £5.50 £1.00
      Small cards x 2 packs £8.25 £9.50 £1.25
      Small cards x 3 packs £12.00 £13.50 £1.50
      Large cards £7.50 £8.50 £1.00
      Thank you cards £5.00 £6.00 £1.00
      Gift stickers £3.50 £4.00 £0.50p
      Wrapping/Gift tags x 12 £10.50 £12.00 £1.50
      Sketch pad A4 £6.00 £7.00 £1.00
      Notebook £6.00 £7.00 £1.00
      Mug £5.50 £6.50 £1.00