Tea Towel Project

Due to popular demand, the My Art Team are pleased to announce the latest addition to our fundraising family….. our very own ‘Tea Towel Project'

The perfect compliment to your fundraising programme, with the same great customer support and quality of products you are accustomed to with My Art Project.

Your ‘Tea Towel Project’ is presented as a fun, quick and easy fundraiser. Ideally suited for Spring and Summer months, personalised artwork can embrace popular themes, or your own ideas, local celebrations or anniversaries:

Mother’s Day | Easter | Father’s Day | Olympics | National Themes | Your Theme

As with all our art projects, we encourage individual creativity, the use of bold, bright colours and new techniques. Ask for more information about what works well, and what to avoid.

Finally, every personalised tea towel sold will raise valuable funds towards your school, pta or chosen charity.

How does a Tea Towel Project work?

1. Blank templates and order forms are delivered to school along with your project pack, and instructions.

2. Teachers and helpers work with children during lesson time to create their personal artwork. The child’s details are completed on their own template.

3. Each child takes home their own original artwork along with an order form, for parents to view and order their tea towels as keepsakes or gifts. Parents return completed order forms and artwork to school, along with payment. School or PTA banks the money.

4. Arrange your free delivery of completed order forms and associated artwork.

5. Fulfilled orders are delivered back to school for distribution to parents.

How long to complete this project?

How long you need to complete the artwork depends on your school size and how the artwork sessions are timetabled, but it is feasible to complete in four weeks:

• set aside an ‘art week’ for artwork completion x1 week
• send order forms home for parents to fill in and return x 1 week
• our production time is approx. x2 weeks

More info

• no upfront costs – the project is free to run, invoice follows final delivery.
• set your own selling price to parents - maximising your fundraising potential.
• no delivery charges.
• tea Towel size 69cm x 52cm approx.
• packaged individually in clear bags, delivered in a single shipment to school.
• parents can choose between framed artwork or no frame (see images below).

Costings and fundraising

Cost to School £7.00 each
Suggested Selling Price £8.50 each
School Fund Profit £1.50 each

Framed Tea Towel Design
Unframed Tea Towel Design

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