Summer Art Exhibition

What is it?

A great social gatherer, perfect for complimenting your regular big summer fundraiser, or equally can be run successfully as a solo project.

This is an Art Exhibition where original artwork is displayed in it’s full glory for parents to admire and enjoy. Bring the crowds in with careful marketing, offering refreshments or even making it feel very special as a ticketed event. Alternatively, compliment your summer fayre, sports day, or leavers service, for example, with the Art Exhibition as an additional attraction. Make it a really special event for pupils and proud parents.

The fundraising begins as parents choose to purchase products personalised with their child’s art. The great thing is that you take orders and payment at the event itself, so it is all managed in a single day, then over to us! Every single item purchased will raise at least £1 towards your fundraising.

Why run a Summer Art Exhibition?

• A fabulous social fundraiser.
• Can be run alongside your regular summer event - guaranteed attendance, or try a sophisticated evening attraction with refreshments and a speaker.
• Provides PTA a chance to meet and greet parents, and enrol future members!
• We provide larger artwork templates for this project, so the art looks even more stunning when displayed.
• Orders and payment are taken at the event, so no chasing up or reminders!
• Easy fundraiser, free to run, free deliveries.
• A wide range of personalised products will be available for parents to order.
• Quick turnaround - once we have received your order forms we will deliver finished products in approx. two weeks.

How does it work?

1. Delivery of your project pack including blank templates, order forms, samples etc.
2. Teachers and helpers work with children during lesson time to create their personal artwork. Pupil name and class are completed on back of artwork for our reference.
3. Display the completed artwork along with a name card for each piece (blank cards provided).
4. Parents attend the exhibition, placing orders and making payment to school or PTA.
5. Arrange your free courier collection for the order forms and associated artwork.
6. Fulfilled orders are delivered back to school for distribution. Invoice follows.

When to run?

This project is ideally suited for long summery days and warmer evenings. As long as you allow for our production time and delivery, this can happen fairly close to the end of the summer term, a nice touch for those pupils leaving and moving on.

Summer too busy for you, then the Spring term is great too, with plentiful art themes around us … blossom bursting into flower and lambs in the fields, gorgeous art ideas.

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