Christmas Project

Christmas in one of the highlights in the school year, and a great opportunity to capture the children’s excitement and enthusiasm for a themed art project. The curriculum at this time of year provides a wonderfully creative environment for the children to produce illustrations for Christmas greeting cards and products.

Themed Project

Spring and Summer are again inspirational times in the school calendar for the children to get creative and use the great outdoors to inspire them. Many of our schools and nurseries have used nature studies, science lessons and indeed art or language studies to create some fantastic themed art projects.

Is there a special celebration happening at your school or nursery this year? Perhaps a local event you can draw inspiration from? Or a National Event such as the Olympics 2016! Our schools and nurseries get their children involved in these celebrations by running an art project with us, and maximising on the potential for raising funds for their organisations. Why not visit our gallery page for some inspiration!

Summer Art Exhibition

A great social gatherer, perfect for complimenting your regular big summer fundraiser, or equally can be run successfully as a solo project.

Mug Project

A fun, quick and easy fundraiser. Ideally suited for Spring and Summer months, personalised artwork can embrace popular themes, or your own ideas, local celebrations or anniversaries like Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, Olympics, National Themes or Your Own Theme

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