Gallery Art Project

A project perfect for the Spring or Summer terms, pupils creating their own artwork, capturing seasonal themes for display at home on quality canvas, poster or box poster.

Outside of Christmas we have the ability to allow schools to be flexible with selling price to parents, setting your own profit margin. You know your parents better than us, so you can set a price that your parents will be happy with.

How does it work?

1. We agree together the parent prices you want to set, your preferred time frame, the parent deadline date, how parents can pay and the project deadline date.
2. Bespoke blank templates and order forms are then printed and delivered to school along with instructions.
3. Teachers and helpers work with children during lesson time to create their personal artwork. The child’s details are completed on their own template.
4. Each child takes home their own original artwork along with an order form, for parents to view and order any combination of items. Parents return completed order forms and artwork to school, along with payment. School or PTA banks the money.
5. Arrange your free return of completed order forms and associated artwork back to My Art Project.
6. Fulfilled orders are delivered back to school for distribution to parents in a single delivery.

How long to complete this project?

How long you need to complete the artwork depends on your school size and how the artwork sessions are timetabled, but it is feasible to complete in four weeks:

• set aside an ‘art week’ for artwork completion x1 week
• send order forms home for parents to fill in and return x1 week
• our production time is approx. x2 weeks.

More info

• no upfront costs, the project is free to run, invoice follows final delivery
• you choose the combination of products you wish to promote in school
• set your own selling price to parents, maximizing your fundraising potential
• no minimum order
• no delivery charges to mainland UK

Products and Prices

framed canvas

Framed Canvas - Small

School Price - £12.00
Suggested Price - £15.00
Funds Raised - £3.00

fine art poster

Fine Art Poster

School Price - £5.00
Suggested Price - £6.00
Funds Raised - £1.00

box poster

Box Poster

School Price - £5.50
Suggested Price - £6.50
Funds Raised - £1.00

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