Why should we choose ‘My Art Project’ over any other company?

We offer products of a superior quality, at very competitive prices, which parents will want to buy… it’s as simple as that.

If we want to run a Christmas Card project, when do we need to book?

Now! This is our most popular project time and bookings flood in all year round. We would recommend you book your Christmas project as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

How much does it cost to run a ‘My Art Project’?

Nothing! There are no costs associated with running one of our art projects, apart from that of art materials (paints, collage supplies, etc.). We provide all the necessary artwork templates, documentation and marketing materials.

Is there a minimum pupil participation or order quantity?

No! Whether you’re a small youth group, home school or large school, we work with all sizes! There is also no obligation to buy.

How much can we expect to raise?

Please refer to our price list for monies raised per pack/item. The more orders you secure, the more money you will raise. Last year one of our schools raised over £720!! The key is the quality of the artwork and letting parents know about the project well in advance. However, you’ll raise funds on every single item sold – there are no ‘minimum order’ rules to qualify for commission!

How long does a project take to run?

The 4 steps take approximately 6-8 weeks from start to finish, depending on how quickly the artwork can be completed.

When can we schedule one of your projects?

Anytime! You can run a project during any school term, providing a slot is available. If you would like to run a Christmas project we recommend you book by the beginning of September latest.

What can we have on the reverse of the cards?

You decide! The choices include:
• School Name
• Class Name/Year Group
• School Logo
• Charity monies have been raised for …
The list goes on! Other than the child’s name and year group, the information on the reverse of the card will remain the same for all cards in your school.

How do we get the completed artwork to you?

We’ll come and get it! Complete the Courier Collection Form (under our resources section) when your artwork is dry and packaged up for collection. We will then send a courier to collect it from you.

Do you print on the inside of the cards?

No, the inside of all cards are left blank for the parents to add their own message.

Do you print high volumes of cards? A local business would like cards that feature our Artwork?

Yes! There are no limits on volume – in fact we’ve done this before for Liberty’s of London! ;0)

Other than greeting cards, what else can parents order?

New products are added each year! Our price list details our most up to date product line.
The most popular items tend to be:
• Note Paper
• Gift Labels
• Wrapping Paper
• Posters
• Thank You Cards
• Canvasses!

What are we supplied with?

Lots of help! Each organiser is supplied with everything they need to get the parents and teachers support and to run the project.
This includes:
• Information sheets for teachers. Advising how the project works, artwork ideas and inspiration, and lots of hints and tips to allow them to schedule the art project into their lesson plans.
• Newsletter and email documents. Suggested wording to send out to parents advising them of the project – so you have even less work to do!
• Posters. To help advertise the project throughout the school and keep parent awareness and pupil interest up!
• Blank Artwork Templates. Thick white card templates are supplied for each child (blank on one side for their art, with hints & tips and space for names/classes on the other side).
• Plus, we’re always here to help! Just call or email us.

How are the payments & commissions handled?

Parents pay you! Parents make cheques payable to the school or PTA, which are then banked. The school or PTA will then be sent a single invoice from My Art Project with the commissions deducted from the final amount. You will also receive a full breakdown of your project sales.

Can we use artwork that has already been completed?

Yes! As long as it is adhered to one of our blank templates, you can use artwork the children have already created in class.

Does the original artwork get returned?

Yes! We will return the children’s original artwork with the final orders.


Please note that due to copyright My Art Project cannot reproduce pictures from books, magazines, leaflets or the internet without permission from the owner of the image(s)/photograph(s). This also applies to images/photographs with a watermark or any low resolution images/photographs downloaded from an online photo gallery. Collaged artworks from magazine pictures are allowed in most circumstances. If in doubt, please contact My Art Project before sending in the artwork.

Can we claim the VAT back?

This depends entirely on your local county council and may be possible – please contact them direct for further information.

OK, we want to do it. How do we book an Art Project for our school?

Call us today on 0845 408 5194 or email info@myartproject.co.uk or complete the booking form online.